Here are some of the questions I’m frequently asked:

Q. How long have you been writing and why did you start?

I took off with the intention to enjoy an overseas gap year in 2010 after finishing uni, but it ended up being a disaster since I contracted the zombie plague (not really) on day five. After six weeks of valiantly backpacking onwards while personifying the living dead (not really), I realised I was kidding myself and decided to return home to recover. I then spent the next six months coughing up my lungs (not really) and couldn’t do much during that time except read. Once I started to gain strength and ran out of books I was enjoying, I decided to try my hand at writing something. It was one of those spur of the moment decisions that happened to have a lasting effect, since AKARNAE was the first novel I attempted and it has led me to where I am today. It took me maybe 3-ish months to complete a (very) rough draft, a number of months to edit, and then about 3 years of submissions to agents and publishers before I was offered a contract in January 2014.  

Q. How do you pronounce “AKARNAE”?

I pronounce it like “Ah-kar-nay”, and since I’m Australian, the “Ah” part sounds more like “Uh”. Another way is to think of the soft sound of the letter “a” from the alphabet (as in, “uh“), then “car” (as in, the vehicle) and then “neigh” (as in, like, a horse). Uh-car-neigh.

… But at the end of the day, everyone reads and hears things differently (just think of Hermione from Harry Potter—I don’t know anyone who knew how to pronounce her name until J.K. Rowling helped Victor Krum learn how to say it in the fourth book!).

Q. How many books are in The Medoran Chronicles?

There are five books in total (plus We Three Heroes, which is book #4.5 — three novellas from Jordan, Bear and D.C.’s perspectives), with the potential for some offshoot surprises down the track. There’s also a short story available as a free e-book called A Very Medoran Kaldoras which is set 9 months after the end of the series.

Q. How many books are in the Whisper series? 

Just two! Whisper and Weapon.

Q. How many books will be in The Prison Healer series? 

I’m planning for it to be a trilogy, so three books.

Q. What can you tell us about The World of Throne of Glass

Please check for updates from the official pages — Sarah J. Maas (social media and newsletters), and Bloomsbury.

Q. Will your books ever become movies?

I sure hope so—that would certainly be a dream come true! But as a writer I have very little control about something as amazing as that happening. The film/television rights for The Medoran Chronicles are managed by Katy McEwan, so if you are in the movie industry and want to chat about possibilities, please contact her at katy.mcewen@panterapress.com. For my other books (Whisper, The Prison Healer, etc.), please contact my agent, Danielle Burby: dburby@nelsonagency.com

Q. Can you read my manuscript and tell me what you think?

I feel so honoured every time someone asks me to read their manuscript because I know how precious our book babies are. But unfortunately, for a number of legal and time-constricting reasons, I have to have a unyielding ‘no’ answer to this question. I’m truly flattered that you value my opinion so highly, but reading your work would keep me from doing what I really need to be doing—and that’s writing the next book in my series!

Q. Can you recommend me to your publishers?

Without reading your manuscript (see previous answer), I wouldn’t really be able to say much by way of a recommendation, so unfortunately I can’t help with this. But I did write up a post entitled “How Do I Get My Book Published?“, so perhaps something there will offer you encouragement.

Q. How do you deal with writer’s block?

You can find my answer by clicking here.

Q. Help! I need writing advice!

Step One:  Breathe—you’ve got this!

Step Two: Head on over to my page entitled “Writing Advice” and hopefully you’ll find something to help!

Step Three: Go forth and conquer those words! (And if in doubt, refer back to Step One!)

Q. Can I send you some questions? (For a school/uni project, or just in general?)

I hold semi-frequent Q&As using my social media pages (especially Instagram Stories) where you can ask questions and I’ll answer things publicly, but unfortunately I can’t answer any questions on a one-on-one basis (via email, DM, message, etc.) due to time restraints.

Q. When will you be writing Part 2 of A Very Medoran Kaldoras?

First up, I’m not sure where you’re getting your information, but there isn’t a Part 2! Nor will there be any continuation of The Medoran Chronicles as you know them — Alex’s story finished completely at the end of Vardaesia. (Don’t you think the poor girl has been through enough? SORRY, ALEX!!) 

There might, however, be a future spinoff series (as mentioned on the last page of Vardaesia), but this is a looooong way down the track. I’m talking years! (I’ve already entered into other contracts that I legally need to see out first!)

A Very Medoran Kaldoras was written as a free Christmas gift for my readers to show how their beloved characters have fared in the 9 months post-Vardaesia. I wanted to share how they’d recovered and moved on after the war, whether or not they’re happy. And for most of the story, you get that (plus a LOT of Christmas/Kaldoras fluff, which was adorably fun to write). The problem is, AVMK also ends on a cliffhanger. It wasn’t intended that way, and for everyone who asks about “who she saw”, I don’t have an answer for you, because I don’t know! I have a few ideas, including who I *HOPE* it was, but this isn’t something I’d know for sure until I started writing whatever comes next, using AVMK as a launching point into a spinoff that, again, DOES NOT have Alex and co. as the main characters.

So the moral of the story is: (1) there isn’t a Part 2 of A Very Medoran Kaldoras, (2) there isn’t anything in the works for a TMC-related future book in the next few years, and (3) Alex’s Medoran Chronicles have finished, completely. Any spinoff would go by a different name, with different characters, and be something people who haven’t read TMC would still be able to enjoy.

Q. Do you have any book recommendations?

Sure do! Check them out by clicking here.

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