Happy Kaldoras!

For anyone who missed seeing it on my socials over the last few days, I’ve just released a (free) short story that can be downloaded as an e-book from all the standard e-retailers (Amazon, iBooks, etc.):


Journey back to the world of Medora for a Kaldoras celebration like no other! Set nine months after the conclusion of The Medoran Chronicles, this short story will warm your heart as you experience the joys—and tears—of the festive season right alongside all your favourite characters!

*WARNING* Spoilers for those who haven’t read the entire Medoran Chronicles series!

3 thoughts on “Happy Kaldoras!

  1. Loved this short story! Except for the ending! Of course you have to leave us on a cliff hanger 😁 Thankyou for writing this and I hope another book is on its way to tell us what happens 😍

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