Moana = Happy Sigh

I (finally) went to see Moana at the cinemas on Thursday and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since then. Honestly – it was sheer brilliance. I laughed, I cried, I felt like being one of “those people” at the end and clapping my heart out. Above all, I remember sitting in my car afterwards, preparing to drive home, and thinking two thoughts.

The first was this: Why am I bothering to tell stories, when I could never, ever create something so magical?

And the second was this: It’s because of things like Moana that I want to create stories.

The simple truth is, what I felt while watching the movie – that‘s what I’m striving to achieve when I put pen to paper myself. That sense of wonder, that sense of beauty, that sense of rightness that only comes from being inspired by something so powerful that it can’t be explained.

Okay, yes, I know I’m talking about a Disney movie here. And I know Disney’s not for everyone. And that’s cool. But even if that’s the case for you, I think you know what I’m talking about. Whatever your ‘thing’ is – the thing that speaks to you on another level.

For me, that thing is good storytelling. And Moana provided that for me – in spades. But Moana provided more than just a good story. The music, the animation, the themes, the characters – everything about it spoke to me. And when that happens, it’s an incredible gift.

… And that is why I write. That is why I create stories and characters and worlds. Because that is what I want to offer to my readers, even if only in shades.

For anyone who hasn’t yet seen Moana, I cannot recommend it highly enough. For soooo many reasons – way too many to list here. Put it into your diary right now, and go see this wondrous piece of cinematic beauty!

11 thoughts on “Moana = Happy Sigh

  1. I know those reactions well.
    You have to then ask, Was it the spectacle? Was it the story? Or both? These new Disney cartoon characters are truly wonderful – I’ve only just caught up on Frozen (Xmas TV) and was knocked out. So, taking myself to task, Was it the spectacle, story, both? Both. But it helped with the story being based on The Ice Queen by Hans Christian Anderson. He was a true expert in short, magical, pungent story-telling.

    We can only do what we can: if others get involved and adapt it for screen that is stupendous, if not the craft of writing we hone and practice relentlessly for seeming no point, is what we do and were made to do.
    Onward – to infinity, and beyond!

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