My First Vlogging Attempt

Anytime I see the word ‘vlogging’ I automatically think of ‘flogging’. BUT I had my first official author event of 2016 last night and it was late-ish by the time I returned home so rather than blog about it and have to do the compulsory editing, etc., I decided to try my hand at vlogging – mistakenly under the presumption that it would be waaaaay faster. However, as you’ll hear in this video, that was most definitely not the case.

Massive apologies in advance for the amount of tangents I go off on as I speak (all ten minutes of tangents… *awkward face*)… And also apologies for the random bursts of laughter that make me come across as a crazy person.

… Actually, huge apologies just for the entire thing, haha… But I ended up having so much fun with it that I just had to post it and share it anyway, despite the fact that I talk about everything from my lack of technological skills to Finding Nemo, to orange juice and robots… I also managed to actually talk about the event I’d come home from and have some (semi) professional moments regarding upcoming events towards the middle and end of the clip. But then I move back into crazy-town.

*Shrugs* If can’t be yourself, who can you be? *Laughs*

Enjoy! And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I’ll probably do this again despite the fact that I very clearly come across as having a potential multiple personality disorder… so sign up to my YouTube channel (Lynette Noni) if you want to torture yourself with any future crazy (quirky!) authorly shenanigans from yours truly.

6 thoughts on “My First Vlogging Attempt

  1. I would only suggest using Vimeo over YouTube because some of the ads & other videos that appear once your video is finished on YouTube are not always… ‘appropriate.’

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