Christmas Present From Me To You

It’s come to my attention that different readers of this blog like different things. I know, I know, that’s not such a groundbreaking revelation. But bear with me for a second here.

Some of you like reading about my writing escapades. About the random things going on in my own writing world. My crazy, often uncooperative characters. My tangent, also often uncooperative plot lines. How my writing is going on a semi-regular basis. (This also includes writing advice, encouragement, and anything else related to, well, writing.)

Some of you like reading about the publishing and/or literary agent side of things from my perspective. The editing. The copy editing. The proof reading. Writing the blurb. Writing the acknowledgements. Release dates and cover reveals and all ins and outs of publishing.

Some of you like reading about my personal life—what I bake, where I go, what I watch and read, and all the other random things I do.

Generally my rule for blogging is similar to my rule for writing novels—I write what I’d like to read. That’s how my voice comes across as genuine rather than forced, because it’s just, well, me.


As a Christmas present, I want to know what you would like to read on here over the next fortnight. If there’s a burning request you have, or something you’re curious about (especially in relation to writing/publishing etc.), then please comment below and, presuming there are enough responses, I’ll pick three (3) to write posts about between now and the New Year.

To give you an example, I had someone contact me via email the other day to ask how I find motivation to write. I’ve also had (many) people ask me how I became traditionally published without an agent… And, recently, I’ve had people ask me how I ended up signing with an agent and specifics regarding the whole querying process… So these are just a few ideas. Feel free to ask these, or similar, or something else entirely! And if I end up choosing your question/topic and you want me to include a link to your site with my post, make sure you include it with your comment (disregard this if you don’t have a website).

I’ll look forward to hearing what some of you are interested in reading!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Present From Me To You

  1. Hi Lynette! I was wondering if you could give some insight into your novel writing process. In particular, how do you know how long to make each chapter, and how do you know when your chapter is finished? This is something I struggle with immensely and would love it if you could share your techniques. Thanks!

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